The Face® Companies have reached their first licensing agreement for the revolutionary Evergreen® Evercell™ technology. The licensee will be making the public announcement soon. Look for the report here when the news breaks!

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The Face® Companies of Norfolk, Virginia

The Companies and their Products

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Face® International Corporation (Technology Innovation)

Evergreen® Automotive, LLC (Evergreen® Spectral™ Light Harvesters in Vehicles)

Evergreen® Technologies, LLC (Evercell™, Lightning® and Spectral™)

EverTrack™ Luggage Technologies, LLC (Evergreen® Powering Smart Luggage)

EWF Building Products, LLC (Evergreen® in Building Components)

Face® Construction Technologies, Inc. (The Dipstick®, The Golden Trowel® Award)

Face® Electronics, LC (Transoner®)

IoT Global Protocol, LLC (Internet of Things)

PulseStar® Technologies, LLC (PulseStar® Lighting Systems)

PulseSwitch™ Systems, LC (Evergreen® in Wireless Transmitting Devices)

PulseSwitch™ Wireless Controls, NA, LLC (Evergreen® in Self-Powered Wireless Devices in North America)

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Research and Development Partners

ODU’s Applied Research Center at the Jefferson Lab

Collaborative research and development with Old Dominion University  to construct different embodiments of Evercell™, develop repeatable tests of its performance and produce other data needed to negotiate licensing agreements with manufacturers and users in 2019

R&D partially funded by Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology to support commercialization of Spectral™

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Integration of Evercell™ power cells in wireless/battery-less IoT sensors

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Questions? We've Got Answers

The Face® Companies 

427 West 35th Street
Norfolk, VA 23508

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